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Optimise your cash flow and manage debts without compromising business relationships with Collectius.
Our customer centric approach to debt collection ensures high recovery rates while maintaining your reputation and customer relations.
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Our Range of Services

Debt Collection Servicing

NPL Acquisition

Whether you are a large multinational or a growing startup, your primary focus should be driving your vision, not on navigating the complexities of debt recovery.

By handling debt with precision, transparency, and fairness, Collectius ensures prompt resolution and effective collections, thus allowing you to focus on growing your business and moving forward.

Debt Collection Servicing
Debt recovery is best left in the hands of professionals. At Collectius, our credit management executives are trained to the highest standards to ensure compliance with all local regulatory requirements.

For the last 20 years, Collectius has helped over 100 000 customers worldwide and have active contracts with over 140 Banks and Financial Institutions. We have also worked with over 300 commercial clients to date. Contact us for all your debt collection needs and achieve:

Higher Cash Flow

Transform non-performing assets into tangible liquidity, enhancing your enterprise's financial health and cash inflows.

Zero Legal & Reputational Pitfalls

Diminish the risks of potential legal entanglements and safeguard your brand's image and standing in the industry.

Optimised Internal Efficiency

Free your teams from the task of managing delinquencies, allowing them to concentrate on their core tasks and improve overall productivity.

Enhanced End-Customer Relationships

Employ a nuanced approach to debt recovery, fostering a positive atmosphere that maintains and often elevates relationships with valued customers, securing their trust for the long run.

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Non-Performing Loan (NPL) Portfolio Acquisition
Seeking a solution for non-performing loans?
Collectius is here to help. We specialise in acquiring and managing non-performing loan portfolios and mitigating credit risk.
Strengthen your balance sheet and unlock cash flows by offloading risk to Collectius. With over USD 8 billion in debt under management and 100+ portfolios purchased, we have expertise and proven track record for effective debt management solutions.
Through our debt purchasing services, Collectius helps businesses:

Strengthen your balance sheet and unlock cash flows by offloading risk to Collectius. With over USD 8 billion in debt under management and 100+ portfolios purchased, we have expertise and proven track record for effective debt management solutions.Through our debt purchasing services, Collectius helps businesses:

Optimise Organisational Resources

Transition from managing non-performing assets to focusing on core operations, ensuring a more efficient use of resources.

Better Manage Risk Exposures

Reduce the potential of legal complications and the accompanying risks to reputation.

Achieve Financial Stability

Convert non-performing assets into immediate liquidity, bolstering cash flow and profitability.

Improve Customer Relations

With a balanced approach to debt acquisition and management, preserve and often improve relationships with customers, ensuring long-term loyalty and trust.

Why Choose Collectius?

Robust Regional Presence

Spanning seven key markets throughout Southeast Asia and India, Collectius brings over 20 years of regional insight and strategies tailor-made to the table.

The 'Collectius Way of Collection'

It is not just about collecting debts; it is about how we do it. Our customer-first approach ensures that each individual is treated with respect and understanding.

Exemplary Industry Standards

We are proud to lead by example. Our debt repayment protocols do not just meet the industry standards—they exceed them.

A Partner You Can Trust

Our track record speaks for itself with an impressive portfolio management of over USD 8 billion in debt and 100+ successful acquisitions.

Upholding the Social Pillar in ESG

Creating Financial Stability and Customer Centric Debt Recovery

At Collectius, we do more than recover debt — we uphold the stability of the financial ecosystem. By acquiring and managing distressed debts, we enable banks to maintain their role as vital credit providers that fuel economic growth. Collectius’ commitment extends beyond balance sheets; we champion the cause of financial literacy and customer centric debt resolution.

The Collectius Way: A Second Chance for Customers

We believe in second chances. The Collectius approach to debt collection is rooted in allowing customers to clear their debts with dignity. Our digital platform empowers individuals to take control of their finances, allowing them to create a repayment plan that works for their circumstances. This transparency and encouragement of self-responsibility are the hallmarks of the Collectius way.

Impactful Partnerships and Industry Leadership

In partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), part of the World Bank Group, Collectius sets the benchmark for the industry. We lead with solutions that positively impact millions across Asia, facilitating flexible repayment plans meeting each customer’s needs. Our initiatives support individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), enabling them to rejoin the financial mainstream.

Beyond Recovery: Enabling Growth and Protecting Livelihoods

Our success is measured by more than recovery rates. With zero regulatory complaints, we have assisted over 150,000 customers in settling their financial obligations fully, and we continue to aid more than 100,000 SMEs. This support fosters financial competence, boosts economic participation, and secures futures.

Where Debt Meets Resolution

Combining Debt Management with Technology

At Collectius, we combine advanced technology with professional service. Our customer-centric approach is enhanced by a sophisticated, data-driven platform that utilises machine learning to refine our debt collection strategies. It is not just about recovering funds; it is about fostering a positive experience for every customer.

Empowering Customers with Digital-First Solutions

We empower our customers through digital-first communication, ensuring they can manage their obligations on their own terms. Our self-service options and online tools are designed for convenience, allowing customers to interact with us when and where it suits them best.

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