Collectius pioneers new, cutting-edge Microsoft cloud system for debt management

The fully-customized cloud system based on Microsoft Dynamics enables Collectius to deliver a more seamless, personalized customer experience through automation, API connectivity and more.

Collectius, the leading debt management company in Southeast Asia with headquarters in Singapore, launches a state-of-the-art, data-driven Debt Management System (DMS) powered by digital-first communication. The bespoke, cloud platform is based on Microsoft Dynamics and has been developed by experts from Stockholm-based Alternis Consulting together with Collectius.

Founded with a people-first mentality, Collectius’ decision to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines is the latest initiative in the company’s strategy to employ innovative tools and data-driven insights to its customer-centric approach. By choosing Microsoft Dynamics, Collectius leverages the benefits of Microsoft’s security and compliance measures to ensure quality and compliance.

Sarah Johansson, Chief Strategy & Project Officer of Collectius, explains, “Our advanced, data-driven Debt Management System (DMS) platform is the core enabler in our customer offering. It is powered by digital-first communication and based on Microsoft Dynamics. It gives us the ability to provide customized payment plans based on customer insights to support each individual to become debt free in the best possible way.”

Thanks to Alternis Consulting’s technical expertise, the newly inaugurated DMS platform has been specially designed and customized for debt management and with Collectius’ business requirements and processes in mind. The robust platform serves as the foundation for Collectius to introduce different technological innovations to continuously improve both its internal processes as well as the customer experience both in the present and in the future.

David Fields, Co-founder of Alternis Consulting, elaborates, “We are excited to have launched Collectius’ new Debt Management System (DMS) after working hand-in-hand with the team to create this. It was important to us that this new DMS was developed and configured to meet the needs of both Collectius as well as their customers. We hope the new cloud system achieves our collective goals of having a strong foundation for Collectius’ current and future technological innovations and also providing their customers with a more seamless customer experience.”

The cloud system makes processes more seamless for both the customer and Collectius in several ways.

First of all, automation of tasks. For instance, Collectius has automated the sending of reminders to customers by programming certain triggers – such as a set number of days before payment is due – initiated by the data within the DMS system. Collectius’ power users can even create their own automations using Microsoft no-code/low-code.

Secondly, API connectivity. Having a cloud DMS easily allows Collectius to integrate other software and applications via API such as a calculation engine, payment gateways and an omnichannel communications system. This in turn enables Collectius’ ability to visualize and view data more easily and create dynamic dashboards for real-time tracking and monitoring of metrics including day-to-day collections and variance from forecasts.

These work hand-in-hand as business intelligence tools by facilitating the tracking of all the metrics with real-time data analytics, enabling Collectius to keep a pulse on their operations and optimize decision-making.

In addition, the cloud solution enables a mobile Collectius workforce by allowing remote access to the system. This means that mediators can work effectively from home and in the field as they can easily access the DMS on the go using their mobile/iPad during site visits.

Ultimately, these advancements work together to improve the customer experience in line with Collectius’ customer-centric philosophy. For example, the real-time data flow ensures that when a customer makes a payment, it is automatically deducted and reflected in the system as the data is automatically transferred. The new platform also has a customized omnichannel communications systems used to assist the customer so Collectius customers can get in touch when and how they want.

As the system works by unifying data and presenting a holistic overview of Collectius customers, Collectius agents are equipped with a single customer view including information such as contact details, past history, activity log, upcoming payment and payment plan. This benefits the customer by affording continuity even when they’re speaking to a different agent as the platform gives Collectius agents a 360 view of the customer’s history.

As a result, Collectius agents are able to create a bespoke experience by tailoring communications accordingly with this single customer view, which will serve to increase engagement with customers through personalized experiences and communications and build brand loyalty.

About Collectius

Collectius is a trusted restructuring partner to banks and financial institutions in Asia with operations in Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Its business is to purchase and service portfolios of non-performing consumer loans and recover them by supporting its customers to become debt free using the ''Collectius way of collection.'' The company offers a customer-centric approach and operates a data-driven collection platform powered by machine learning and digital first communication. Collectius is majority-owned by the two founders Gustav A. Eriksson and Ivar Bjorklund, with the remaining owned by International Finance Corporation (IFC), Stena AB and Formica Capital.

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