Collectius’ Philippines customers can now pay off their debt on their own terms and time

Collectius empowers customers in the Philippines with two exciting new developments – the launch of its customer portal and a recently-inked partnership with payment gateway provider Paynamics.

Following the recent rollout of its cutting-edge Debt Management System (DMS), Collectius – the leading debt management company in Southeast Asia – has announced the launch of its new customer portal for its Philippines customers. Kicking off its pilot program in the Philippines, followed by the rest of its markets in future.

Collectius’ focus on being a leader in transforming Southeast Asia’s debt management industry coupled with its customer-centric philosophy drives its technological advancements. These include its fully customized, data-driven cloud DMS based on Microsoft Dynamics powered by digital-first communication, and now its self-service customer portal.  

Sarah Johansson, Chief Strategy & Project Officer of Collectius, expounds, “Starting with our customers in the Philippines, we are now launching our self-service portal where customers can manage their accounts, set up payment plans and make payments whenever they want. The possibility to settle debt without having to be in contact with a physical person is something we strongly believe will be a popular add-on to our current offering to support our customers becoming debt free.”

This new offering features an intuitive, user-friendly interface which enables its customers to register for and set up an account easily, create plans and make payments online. The portal can be accessed on Collectius’ website and through links via SMS and email, as well as a QR code in customer welcome letters in future. For its customers in the Philippines, the portal can be viewed in either English or Tagalog.

Collectius offers two options for settlements, either in full or in installments, both with compelling discounts. Customers can choose from pre-defined options – periods of 3, 6, 12 or 24 months – or decide to set up flexible and customized payment schemes if the existing plans are not suitable based on their means. The customer portal's handy feature is the automated notifications sent to customers reminding them of the approaching payment due dates.

Given the stigma around debt, Collectius recognises that some customers prefer to go through this journey on their own without having to deal with a mediator. The online element of the customer portal minimizes human interaction, making the process more neutral and less intrusive. This is achieved by affording customers privacy while creating a safe space free from any perceived judgment in which they can feel more comfortable and in control.

This newly launched customer portal works hand-in-hand with Collectius’ recent partnership with payment gateway provider Paynamics to provide customers with flexibility and empower them with choice.

Johansson elaborates, “Providing our customers with the most preferred and convenient payment options is top priority for Collectius. In the Philippines, our customers can now make easy payments when they want through channels such as 7-Eleven, Mlhuillier, Cliqq, Cebuana, SM Bills, ECPay and Gcash through our partnership with Paynamics.”

This important milestone enables Collectius to offer the best digital 24/7 customer experience possible to its customers as digital modes of payment have become increasingly crucial in a post-COVID world. To illustrate, as per a recent online survey, 87 percent of Filipinos increased their usage of digital payments during the pandemic, while 90 percent said they preferred to digital payments over cash during the ongoing pandemic.

In addition, choosing digital payments over in-person interactions removes the risk of exposure, which many customers are favoring in times of COVID-19. Another benefit of digital payments is the security it affords by enabling customers to make secure payments with peace of mind.

Mylene Chua-Magleo, CEO of Paynamics, adds, “By partnering with Paynamics, Collectius customers can pay using their preferred payment option ranging from debit cards, over the counter channel, online banking, and mobile wallets. This partnership also greatly helps us in promoting trust and confidence in electronic payments to all our customers. Paynamics fully supports Collectius in its advocacy on financial literacy which will greatly help a lot of Filipinos in managing their finances wisely.”

With the launch of the customer self service portal, Collectius is empowering its customers to manage their debt on their own terms, their own time, anywhere and anyhow. By putting the onus in the hands of the customers, Collectius is one step closer towards its ultimate goal of revolutionizing the debt management space in the region.

About Collectius

Collectius is a trusted restructuring partner to banks and financial institutions in Asia with operations in Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and India. Its business is to purchase and service portfolios of non-performing consumer loans and recover them by supporting its customers to become debt free using the ''Collectius way of collection.'' The company offers a customer-centric approach and operates a data-driven collection platform powered by machine learning and digital-first communication. Collectius is majority-owned by its two founders Gustav A. Eriksson and Ivar Björklund, with the remaining owned by International Finance Corporation (IFC), Stena AB and Formica Capital.

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