Collectius launches new digital payment channels for customers in Indonesia so they can now pay how and when they want

‍A freshly-minted partnership with payment gateway provider Duitku empowers Collectius’ Indonesia customers with even more choices for their preferred mode of payment and a streamlined payment process.

Hot on the heels of its recent state-of-the-art Debt Management System (DMS) launch, Collectius – a trusted restructuring partner to banks and financial institutions in Asia – has collaborated with Indonesia-based payment gateway company Duitku. This new partnership is part of Collectius’ mission to digitalize the collections industry while simultaneously delivering a more seamless, personalized customer experience.

Collectius’ move to enhance digital payment capabilities for its customers in Indonesia was driven by its customer-centric philosophy and its desire to empower its customers with choice. In a post-COVID world, digital payments in the collection space have become particularly important as more people continue to move away from using cash and are looking to minimize in-person interactions where possible.

By investing heavily in various technologies – including its bespoke, data-driven cloud system based on Microsoft Dynamics – and strategic partnerships such as with Duitku, Collectius leads the charge in the journey of digital transformation in the collections industry. Duitku provides an online payment solution to send and receive funds and offers Application Programming Interface (API) integration, transaction accessibility and reliable service throughout Indonesia to effectively integrate Collectius’ DMS with Duitku’s payment system.

As part of Collectius’ continued efforts to understand its customers’ lifestyle and behavior as well as take into account changes in the consumer landscape, this collaboration allows Collectius to meet customers on their own terms and where they are most comfortable by offering flexible payment options and catering to their needs and preferences.

Sarah Johansson, Chief Strategy & Project Officer of Collectius, expounds, “We are happy to announce that our customers in Indonesia can now make payments to Collectius through several popular payment channels such as various virtual account payment options including BNI, ATM Bersama, Shopee Pay and more. This is an important milestone and enables us to offer the best digital 24/7 customer experience possible to our customers.”

The partnership with Duitku serves to improve the customer journey in two ways: First, by empowering customers with choice and second, by streamlining the payment process. These work hand-in-hand to make it easier and more convenient for the customer to make payments on their terms by increasing the efficiency and consistency of payments as a result.

Different payment options afford customers with flexibility, so they are able to select their preferred mode of payment based on what is most convenient for them. By offering online payments in Indonesia, customers who previously had to do in-person payments over the counter are now able to choose online payments instead should that be their preference. Digital-first customers’ preferences are better served while traditional channel customers have additional options.

This means that customers can choose to settle payments on their own time and in their preferred way i.e. anytime and anywhere, enabling them to feel more in control of their journey to become debt free.

The option of digital payments also means the payment process is less intrusive by affording privacy as payments can be done in a private space such as at home or on the go as necessary. Moreover, speed is another advantage as online transactions save time as they are quick and customers do not have to commute or wait in line as with in-person payments.

Opting for digital payments also takes away the risk of exposure that in-person interactions may expose customers to. This is especially key in times of COVID-19, when movement can be restricted and customers are looking to minimize unnecessary exposure.  

In addition, using a payment gateway has the added benefit of security and allows customers to make secure payments with peace of mind. All of these enhancements and technological innovations work together to improve the overall customer experience.

Rheza Gunawan Budiono, CEO & Co-founder of Duitku, says, “We are excited to work with Collectius to provide first-rate technology and services. As a payment gateway service provider, Duitku is very pleased to have been given the chance to support Collectius in offering a wide range of payment methods, making it easier for both Collectius and its customers to make transactions. Duitku hopes to continue to create a synergy that will allow Collectius and Duitku to thrive together.”

About Collectius

Collectius is a trusted restructuring partner to banks and financial institutions in Asia with operations in Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Its business is to purchase and service portfolios of non-performing consumer loans and recover them by supporting its customers to become debt free using the ''Collectius way of collection.'' The company offers a customer-centric approach and operates a data-driven collection platform powered by machine learning and digital-first communication. Collectius is majority-owned by its two founders Gustav A. Eriksson and Ivar Björklund, with the remaining owned by International Finance Corporation (IFC), Stena AB and Formica Capital.

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