Collectius Cares in times of crisis

Message To All Our Customers Under Debt Purchase Portfolio

At Collectius, we value your well-being, during this COVID-19 crisis we continue to help customer keep their commitments and becoming debt free. This is a promise we will continually live by. During this challenging times, we know that it is very difficult for you to find the means to settle your account, please know that we are here to assist you as much as we can during this COVID-19 crisis.

We understand that it could be very difficult to gather any lump sum amount of money in the time being.  Further, we note that this is most difficult for our elderly, with that in mind, if you belong to the age group of 50 years old and above, we will be giving discounts as much as 50% off your principal till end of April 2020.

This is our way of saying that our company is very much willing to work with you in cleaning up your dues so you can finally be debt free. If you have any questions or wish to discuss this matter thoroughly, please email us and we will have our representative call you right away.

We are one with you in this trying times with your safety and our employees as our top priority, we can beat this pandemic and become debt free too!

– Collectius Team

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