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We are super happy to welcome Kian Foh to the Collectius family as managing director for our Philippines office in Manilla. Kian Foh brings in over 20 years of collection experience across South East Asia and Hong Kong, from major brands in banking such as Standard Chartered and DBS. He also holds a Master Degree in Business and Professional Accounting. Recently Collectius acquired a US 350 million non-performing loan (NPL) portfolio in the Philippines.

“I am really happy to welcome Kian Foh to the team as we are constantly looking to optimize our processes with technology and we believe he can help the company further strengthening with his robust process optimisation and strong credit operations management experience.”

Gustav A. Eriksson, GROUP CEO

“I am attracted by Collectius being a traditional collection company adapting FINTECH solutions and debt purchase which are two completely new and modern things in South East Asia. It is exciting to be on the winning team 😊”

Kian Foh

Established in 1999, Collectius has operations in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. It is funded through its Swiss holding company in Zug, and its largest financier is Stena, a Swedish shipping conglomerate. Collectius’ goal is to help debtors become debt free. The company promotes debt collections that have the highest level of compliance, automation, predictive analytics, big data analytics and customer-centric offer optimization.

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