Collectius acquires three portfolios in Malaysia and Thailand from regional partner the seller wants to remain anonymous

Collectius further strengthens its relationship and ties with regional partner by acquiring three portfolios in Malaysia and Thailand. This is part of the Collectius strategy to serve as the trusted regional partner to leading multinational banks and financial institution in the ASEAN in their handling of non-performing loan (NPL)

“We are very happy to be able to serve our partners with their sales of non-performing loan (NPL) across the ASEAN region. We feel that there is a need for that type of regional relationship in the market, especially when it comes to regional compliance; we are proud to say that we are the preferred choice of banks today “

Ivar Bjorklund who is Head of Portfolio Acquisition in Collectius Group

Collectius goal is to help debtors become debt free and to integrate them back into the society more financially knowledgeable than before. Collectius is promoting debt collections that have the highest level of compliance, automation, predictive analytics, big data analytics and customer centric offer optimization.

“To make three deals in one month is a fantastic accomplishment by the team, our Collectius family beats yesterday every day in their achievements. Together we are enabling debtors to become debt free all across the region”

Says Gustav A. Eriksson, CEO Collectius Group

Collectius Group

Collectius Group is a multinational credit management service and asset management company with operation in Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. With nearly two decades of experience in credit management service and purchase of non-performing loan (NPLs) portfolios of distressed consumer debt. Collectius is funded through its Swiss holding company in Zug, and its largest financier is Stena, which is a Swedish shipping company conglomerate.

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