Human Resource Executive & Admin Support


  1. Draft job descriptions with managers and supervisors as needed and maintain job description file.
  2. Advertise for open positions, screen applicants, and lead the interview process.
  3. Extract compliance documents pre-employment for shortlist candidates for hiring approvals.
  4. Extract compliance documents pre-employment for shortlist candidates for hiring approvals.
  5. Assign new staff to department heads for process overview and to the reporting manager.
  6. Enrol employees in all health programs.

Employee Counselling

  1. Answer general human resources-related inquiries from staff.
  2. Responsible for overseeing all disciplinary actions, including terminations. Process all associated paperwork.


  1. Manage time and attendance systems. Maintain training logs and all training activities.
  2. Maintain the company’s unemployment compensation and workers compensation programs.
  3. Track paid time off and sick time.
  4. Perform other duties assigned by management.
  5. Maintain the required confidential nature of human resources.
  6. Keep personnel files current for internal and external audit.
  7. Create and implement new policies and procedures as needed. Update Employee Handbook as needed.
  8. In-charge of office’s safety measure eg. ensure staff observe social distancing, all entries to office must be checked in and recorded, office is clean.

Admin Support to Management

  1. Manage CEO’s calendar
  2. Assist CEO to make reservation for business appointments eg. lunch, dinner
  3. Manage head office documents delivery from various overseas parties, ensure documents are signed timely and returned
  4. Support CEO in personal matters eg. booking of recreation venues
  5. Support head office for application renewal of work passes etc
  6. Arrange and manage CEO travel arrangements
Work Experience
1-3 Years
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