Our vision is simple

We want to create a world where every person, regardless of background, has the financial know-how to grow with the economy.


A trusted restructuring and servicing partner to financial institutions and commercial companies in Asia

Our business is to purchase portfolios of non-performing consumer and SME loans, and recover them. We also service financial institutions to help them resolve overdue accounts.

Digital-First Collection Strategy

Customer-centric approach and a data-driven platform powered by machine learning

Our cutting-edge debt management cloud system based on Microsoft Dynamics enables Collectius to deliver a seamless, personalized customer experience powered by omni channel communication, automation, API connectivity and more.

Protecting Customer and Client Interests

We facilitate debt repayment with protocols that exceed industry standards

Our infrastructure and compliance protocols go above and beyond industry requirements. With sound collection and compliance practices, our clients and their customers can trust that we will deliver results

Our business in numbers

With over 100 portfolios purchased and 200+ commercial and consumer clients, we’ve got what it takes to help you out, too.

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Satisfied Customers around the world
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operation across our markets
Portfolios purchased
Markets across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India and Vietnam
Commercial and consumer clients

Our journey so far

  • 2022
  • 2021
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  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014
Enters Vietnam
Collectius’ secured more than US$800 million of non-performing loans (NPLs) from a Vietnam-based commercial bank.
Acquires first secured mortgage loan portfolio
Collectius' acquires its first secured mortgage loan portfolio from a global bank in Malaysia.
Opening of two new offices
Collectius' opened 2 new offices in the 2nd half of 2022. One in Hyderabad, India and one in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Launch of self-service customer portal
Collectius’ customers can now pay off their debt on their own terms and time using the online self-service customer portal.
Launch of online payments
Collectius announces several partnerships with third-party payment gateway providers to simplify the payment journey. Customers can now make payments whenever they want 24/7.
Acquires Magnate to deepen local footprint in Thailand
Collectius aquires Magnate, one of Thailand’s Top Debt Serving Firms with more than 20 years’ experience, 350 employees, and an annual turnover of more than THB 200 million.
Enters India
Collectius enters the Indian market
with IFC
Collectius announces landmark partnership with IFC to launch a US$ 60 million platform to reduce non-performing loans in Asia
Launch of Cloud Collection Platform
Collectius launches a customized Microsoft-based Cloud Debt Management System, digital payment gateways and an AI-driven CCaaS solution strengthening its position as the region's leading digital debt collection company.
Collectius partners with major banks and credit bureaus
Collectius partners with Maybank, Citi, SME Bank, Thai Military Bank, Transunion, CTOS and AKPK
30 M USD capital raised
Stena and Formica invests USD 30 M
Ranked number #1 amongst service providers
Ranked number #1 amongst service providers by Bank of China, HSBC and DBS.
Entered Indonesia
Entered Indonesia with the acquisition of 300 million USD in non-performing loans.
Reach 1.3 BN USD in debt management
Regionally, Collectius reached 1.3 BN USD in debt management, with the acquisition of 12 NPL portfolios, totalling 1.1 M customers in five countries.
Collectius acquires its first major portfolio
Collectius acquires its first major portfolio. It’s quickly followed by six more, containing a total of 600,000 customers
Collectius enters Philippines
Collectius enters operation in Philippines through the acquisition of the Philippine debt collection company CJM Strategic Management Solutions.
Acquires Milliken & Craig
The strategy becomes actionable with the acquisition of Milliken & Craig, a Singaporean / Malaysian debt collection company with over 20-years of experience in Southeast Asia.
Start of Collectius journey
Gustav and Ivar relocated to Shanghai to start the company, research the Asian debt collection industry, learn, listen, and strategise.
Collectius was founded
Collectius was founded by Gustav A. Eriksson and Ivar Björklund.

Tibor Veres agrees to join the board of directors.

Our Board

Gustav A. Eriksson
Working Chairman
Tibor Veres
Vice Chairman of the Board
Pontus Sardal
Board member
Andy Boehm
Board member, Stena represantative
Ivar Björklund
Board Member, Chief Commercial officer
Hui. En Joanna Yeo
Board member
Mary Schroeder
Board member, IFC representative

C-Level Team

Gustav A. Eriksson
Working Chairman
Kian Foh Then
Chief Executive Officer
Ivar Björklund
Chief Commercial Officer
Premjit Singh
Chief Legal Officer
Sarah Johansson
Chief of Staff & Culture Officer
Qi Fang Sun
Chief Information Officer
Ashley Yew
Chief Financial Officer

Country Managing Directors

Nidhi Sangar
Managing Director, Singapore
Leong Yam Meng
Managing Director, Malaysia
Monchanok Uthaichalanon
Managing Director, Thailand
Alexandru-Mihai Mina
Managing Director, Philippines
Prasanth Shankar Rama Rao
Managing Director, India
Nguyen Thi Thuy Lieu
Managing Director, Vietnam
Adriany Luppy Latuheru
Managing Director, Indonesia

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