By reshaping debt collection through technology and mediation. Making each point of contact a positive beginning.


Enabling our customers a debt free life.


Registered in 1999, Collectius operated under the name Milliken & Craig. Founders of Milliken & Craig dreamt big and knew from the start that they wanted to establish regional presence in South East Asia. With offices in both Singapore and Malaysia, Milliken & Craig was able to expand and impress their clients with the strict compliance protocols they had in place. Not only could clients trust that their data was well protected, Milliken & Craig differentiated themselves from other debt collectors by treating debtors with respect and professionalism; encouraging long term relationships whilst maintaining high collection rates. Within a few short years, Milliken & Craig was able to secure major accounts from a variety of industries such as banking, logistics, insurance, telecommunication, healthcare, petroleum and courier delivery.

In 2014, Collectius was founded by good friends Gustav A. Eriksson and Ivar Björklund. With Ivar’s experience in debt purchasing and Gustav’s business acumen, they decided to enter the Asian market together with the help of chairman and mentor Tibor Veres. Once in Asia, Gustav noticed that not only was the concept of ‘debt purchasing’ new to this region, the debt collection industry was also very profitable. Inspired by FinTech, Gustav and Ivar decided to look into enhancing the way debt is collected Asia as well. After meetings with several debt collection agencies in Asia, they felt that Milliken & Craig had the most impressive clientele and geographical advantage.

Milliken & Craig officially came under Collectius in 2016. Since then, the focus has been on Fintech and innovation. Resources were quickly directed to research and development, enhancing data security and collection efficiency. With talented in-house IT specialists, Collectius is able to continually improve on their infrastructure and systems, streamlining the debt collection process. The marrying of both FinTech and Collectius’ team of over 160 professional mediators, Collectius is in a good position to work towards being the leading international debt collection and receivables acquisition company.

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