At its core, Collectius is a debt collection company. The other services we provide are built on our expertise in this industry. With experience in Asia for nearly 20 years, our extensive experience allowed us to develop sustainable and effective methods of debt collection. Unlike traditional debt collectors, Collectius believes in treating both our clients and their customers with professionalism. Our trained mediators facilitate debt repayments with tact, taking into consideration the debtor’s situation. By understanding and communicating interests of both our clients and the debtors, our mediators are able to encourage both parties to come up with an arrangement amicably.

To cater to the varying requirements of clients and debtors, our mediators are placed in three (3) speciality teams: consumer, commercial and global.


Forming the bulk of what we do, our consumer debt collection team specialises in helping individuals come up with a manageable repayment plan. Capitalising on the fact that no one wishes to remain in debt, we offer flexible repayment methods that work. By giving debtors a reasonable way out, our clients are able to recover debt from even the most challenging individuals.


Miscalculations happen and businesses end up in debt, unable to pay off their loans. Our commercial debt collection mediators specialise in business to business negotiations, coming up with amicable solutions for repayments that benefit both our clients and their debtors.


Our global debt collection team does both consumer and commercial debt collection on an international level. With professional networks in 160 countries, we are able to facilitate seamless debt repayment even when our clients and their debtors reside in different continents.